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       Developers Create Zetaclouds Service and Publish cloud app (developed in google appengine) to the platform The published app can be version'ed to support various client needs Flexible Price plan's are created by app developer for each published service. Each plan consists of Cost, Discount, Renew Period, Prepay discounts, Referral Credits and more flexible subscription options catering any type of App subscription model Subscribers (Businesses) subscribe to complete App for appropriate Priceplan/payment options available for the app. Subscribers deploy the App in their registered Cloud Identifier (App is deployed in the Cloud Account registered to their Google Id) App Templates can be fully customized to their needs and App can be re-published to the Cloud Platform using Zetaclouds dashboard.

       Subscribers can Subscribe/Unsubscribe to any available versions for the App App can be Renewed, Upgraded/Downgraded anytime with flexible payment options Platform provides various services Core Platform Services - such as Service Subscription Management, Service Deployment Lifecycle management are some of key services provided by the platform for both app developers and app subscribers Service API's for APP developers - Services such as Login Management, with User management with Role based security, Mailing Module etc. more modules are added to the platform, these modules makes app development faster for the App developers Publishing Adapters to various PAAS cloud platform such as Google Appengine (currently supported), Microsoft Azure (in future) etc.

  1. App Developers, build & Publish Cloud App

    Developer develops cloud app and publish it to Zetaclouds platform using dashboard

  2. Platform enables to Create Subscription Plans, Payment & Discount Policies

    Developer defines Subscription price plans, App features, Payment Plans and Discount Policies for the app

  3. Zetaclouds manages Cloud App Lifecycle(Subscribe, Package, Version, Edit, Share & Deploy)

    Zetaclouds itself manages cloud app lifecycle starts from Subscription, Selecting package, version, edit, share and finally ends with deploying the app.

  4. Marketing & App Promotion is on Zetaclouds

    Zetaclouds markets the app while developer can focus what they can do best, add more features!!!

  5. App Developers Generate Revenue

    Zetaclouds Shares revenue from each subscription to the app. Revenue share criteria is predetermined

  1. Flexibility & App Customization

    Zetaclouds provides tools to Edit, Customize & Publish the Cloud Apps to fit business needs. Typical mSAAS apps cannot do it. Building true white label apps is easy to build with Zetacloud Apps

  2. Data Ownership & Security

    Subscribers App data is fully private and will be in their cloud instance. Neither App developer not Zetaclouds has access to it, providing true Data Ownership & Security

  3. Utility Billing(Pay only when used)

    As app is deployed in the cloud, App subscriber can use unlimited resources such as CPU, Bandwidth, Data and pay directly to cloud provider on usage basis, more like paying an utility bill

  4. Cloud Apps are Highly Reliable & Scale Elastically

    App owner doesn't have to manage app scalability as apps are deployed in cloud they are self managed and would grow or shrink automatically as needed. Which means zero administration cost

  5. Zeta 'cloud' Apps Saves Money

    Zetaclouds Model provides benefits to App developers and thereby buck is passed to App subscribers


  1. Flexible App Customization (White label apps)

    Unlike many SAAS applications, ZetaCloud Apps are customizable and expendable to the business needs (flexibility as provided by app owner)

  2. Data Ownership (Security)

    ZetaCloud App subscriber can manage the app data within their virtual cloud, providing true data ownership (valuable Business App data will not be in the 3rd. party hands)

  3. Benefits of cloud platforms (Scalability)

    Cloud Apps scales elastically providing required low latency and high throughput using unlimited resources such as CPU, Inbound and Outbound Bandwidth, Data, Memory, supports 1000's of concurrent users with utility billing on resource usage

  4. Return of Investment App developer and subscriber can benefit from lower cost of development, maintain and manage application thereby reeping overall benifits

Zetaclouds Unified Cloud Subscriber Dashboard

Zetaclouds Unified Cloud Publisher Dashboard

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